From £30 +VAT per hour

Exceptional end-to-end music production

Write, record, produce and mix your next favourite track. Our Production studios are designed to get you going within seconds of arriving whether you’re bringing in your own rig or using ours.

Our intuitive patch panels in each room mean no messing around under desks our behind speakers. Just plug in and create.

Just Plug and Play

More than meets the Ear

Neumann KH310 Monitors

Prism Lyra 2 Audio Interface

Neumann TLM103 Microphone

Arturia 88 Key MIDI Controller

Nord Grand 2 and a selection of synths

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Central in UK's Music Scene

An unforgettable production experience

TYX is based in the heart of Tileyard London, the world’s largest community of independent artists. Along with access to some London’s best recording facilities, our studio guests and members also benefit from our many host services and amenities.

What’s more, our studios our fitted with industry-grade equipment and professional soundproofing, ensuring your projects are free from any background noise or distractions.

Nothing but excellent experiences

Private independent studios. Peace and quiet to make a noise.

More than just world-class, TYX facilities are custom-made. Since we first launched, we’ve designed studios in collaboration with our residents. ensuring they have what they need when they need it.

Yes, we have the best equipment in town, but we have unrivalled amenities like The Vinyl Cafe & Bar; Campfire Bar & Fire Kitchen; The Gallery Event Space; Conference Room; Free Private Car Service.

High speed wifi

Events space

Friendly environment

Free coffee

High spec equipment

Our most asked questions
Our studio prices start at £36 per hour, members receive a 30% discount on all studios.
You will only be allowed into the room for the duration of time you have booked, so please allow for any set up and break down you may have.
We are open 24/7 to members, 9am-9pm for non members. If you need to book irregular hours please contact us directly by phone or through our web form.
When it comes to podcast recording, microphone placement is crucial in achieving excellent audio quality. However, the ideal microphone placement varies depending on the type of episode you are recording. For interviews or panel discussions, it is essential to position the microphones in such a way that each speaker’s voice is captured clearly and without any distortion. Placing the microphones at a suitable distance, usually around 6-12 inches from the speaker’s mouth, helps in capturing their voice accurately.
Using headphones for monitoring and editing is essential for creating high-quality podcast recordings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced podcaster, investing in a good pair of headphones can greatly enhance your recording and editing process. When monitoring your recordings, headphones allow you to hear every detail and ensure that the audio is crisp and clear.

Additionally, headphones provide a more immersive experience, allowing you to catch any background noise or inconsistencies that may go unnoticed when using speakers. Moreover, when it comes to editing your podcast, headphones provide an accurate representation of the audio, making it easier to detect and correct any errors or unwanted sounds. So, if you want to take your podcast recording experience to the next level, make sure to choose a reliable pair of headphones for all your monitoring and editing needs.
Yes, an audio interface is recommended for recording high-quality vocals. It provides the necessary microphone inputs and preamps to ensure clear, detailed recordings. Additionally, it offers phantom power for condenser microphones and better control over input gain.
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