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TYX Studio
TYX Studio

Level up your content game with Tileyard

Our creator-in-residence program is dedicated to helping creators develop their careers and deliver the stories of Tileyard London.

It's like having your own creative playground where we're all about helping you level up your hustle while sharing our stories with the world.

TYX Studio


We're looking for motivated creators with social media experience and multi-platform content creation skills.

While an online following is valued, it’s not essential. We’re more interested in unique and daring storytelling.

TYX Studio


📱 Access to state-of-the-art content creation facilities at TYX.

📱Work closely with the Tileyard team and other members on exciting projects and initiatives.

📱 Get advice and hands-on guidance from industry experts.

📱We’ll give you access to exclusive opportunities with some of the biggest brands in the world.

📱Showcase your skills in our 150-capacity event space, The Gallery

Frequently asked questions
The Tileyard Creator-in-Residence Program is open to creatives aged 18 and above with a passion for content creation. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, including journalists.
We're seeking motivated individuals with experience across various social media platforms and content formats, including journalists. Whether you're a skilled videographer, storyteller, musician, journalist, or all-around content creator, we encourage you to apply.
Applicants are selected based on their creativity, versatility, and potential to contribute to the Tileyard community. Our selection process involves reviewing submitted applications, including the 20-30 second video showcasing your personality and content style.
As a Creator-in-Residence, you'll have access to state-of-the-art content creation facilities at TYX, mentorship from industry professionals, participation in strategy workshops, networking opportunities within the Tileyard ecosystem, and potential revenue sharing on brand deals.
While the Creator-in-Residence Program does not offer a stipend, selected residents have the opportunity for revenue sharing on brand deals, providing potential financial benefits based on their collaborations and projects.
The Creator-in-Residence Program has a duration of 6 months, providing participants with ample time to develop and execute their creative endeavours within the Tileyard community.
No, there is no upper age limit for applicants. Anyone over the age of 18 with a passion for content creation is welcome to apply for the Creator-in-Residence Program.
Upon completion of the residency, participants may have the opportunity to continue collaborating with Tileyard on future projects or initiatives. Additionally, the skills, experience, and connections gained during the residency can be valuable assets in furthering your creative career.
Yes, upon successfully completing the Creator-in-Residence Program, participants will receive an official Tileyard certificate acknowledging their participation and achievements during the residency.
Absolutely! Participants of the Creator-in-Residence Program will become part of our alumni network, connecting them with fellow creators from Cohort #1 and providing ongoing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and support.


Submit your application via the provided link by creating a 20-30 second video showcasing who you are and what types of content you like to produce.