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Looking for a pro recording studio that’s cost-effective and has all the equipment you could want? Look no further than TYX—a mecca for London’s independent artists and musicians. More than just top-of-the-line recording studios, TYX is a launchpad for your music career. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names (from hip-hop solo artists to Indy bands) and can leverage this music industry experience to elevate your sound.

Every TYX London recording studio has been obsessively designed to meet the needs of artists and musicians. Add a vibrant community and collaborative atmosphere, and you get a creative hub for both emerging talent and established professionals.

Book today and let TYX Studios elevate your recording session.

High quality space, unique in our business. Excellent technical support and located perfectly.
Will Murphy-O'ConnorCCO High Performance Group, The High Performance Podcast
TYX are (genuinely) the best podcast & studio setup I’ve used. End to end it’s slick, easy to engage with, and the best kit you could want. I sing its praises everywhere and couldn’t recommend it enough!
Jordan SchwarzenbergerCo-Founder Arcade Media and Manager of Sidemen
If you want to experience some of the best sounding rooms, with some of the best sound pro audio equipment money can buy, then TYX really is second to none.
Tom LewisBrand Manager Source Distribution
The vast facilities, choice of space and service are second to none; the feedback we receive from our clients is always incredibly positive too!
Shino ParkerSentric Music Publishing
TYX Studios gets the balance right: professional courtesy is ingrained into all of its residents, yet there's no room for squares in the personalities gathered here. It's this sum of the parts which really makes TYX click
Will PageAuthor of Pivot and former Chief Economist of Spotify

Our London Recording Studios


London Recording Studio -The Red Studio

This London recording studio features a control room that comfortably fits 8 people (most only fit up to six people). It also has a live room suitable for both vocals or 3-piece bands. The Red Studio has some of the best acoustics you can imagine you’ll find, along with Genelec monitoring systems, an Audient console, and a Yamaha piano.

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional sound, this music studio is for you!


London Recording Studio - Production Studios

TYX production rooms are designed for instant setup. Whether you’re using our setup or yours, these recording studios have intuitive panels to simplify connections, letting creativity flow without delays. Rooms feature superior sound isolation and top-notch acoustics, ensuring trust in every note you hear.

With high-end gear like Neumann monitors, Prism Lyra 3 Audio Interface, and a truckload of synths, these studios have all you need to produce, mix, and master your next hit.


London Recording Studio - Dolby Atmos

This recording and mixing studio harnesses Dolby Atmos to create immersive audio experiences. Ideal as and mixing studio for film projects, it offers Atmos mixing and inspired production with top-tier Neumann Atmos monitoring, Audient and Neumann audio interfaces, a Neumann U87ai microphone, Nord Grand 2, and a selection of synths.

Want to give that large string recording some added sonic excellence? This London recording studio is for you.


Experience the best tools the industry has to offer

From interfaces and mics to instruments and distinct analogue consoles, every TYX recording studio is equipped with the best the industry has to offer. Our setup supports a wide range of projects.

Aside from our world-renowned music production services, our photography and podcasting spaces also have what you need for crystal-clear sound and vivid visuals.







London recording studios with collaboration at their core

TYX London recording studios come with a range of amenities, including comfortable lounges, meeting rooms for collaboration, catering facilities, and workspace areas designed to inspire productivity. These spaces encourage networking among Tileyard London’s independent artists, providing an environment where creativity can flourish.

Doubling as writing studios and places to relax, they’re a place to nurture your ideas in private or with peers. Our amenities include the Vinyl Bar & Cafe, Campfire Bar & Kitchen, The Gallery Event Space, Conference Room, and Free Off-Site Parking.


Music stduios designed for maximum impact

When you hire a TYX London recording studio, you don’t just get to record in excellent facilities. Our services cover recording, mixing, mastering, post-production, and more. We put a strong emphasis on quality and versatility. Whether you’re working on music, podcasts, or any audio-visual project, you’ll have access to the expertise and equipment necessary for a polished, professional outcome.

We’ll help elevate your creative work and ensure your projects shine from the first note to the final cut.






Located in the heart of London

Whether travelling from West London, East London, South London, or North London, our recording studios are conveniently located and easily accessible. Situated around the corner from King's Cross train station (with off site parking), travelling to and from a TYX London recording studio is a breeze.

Become a member

Enroll in the TYX Membership Program and gain credits that open the door to our premium studio spaces whenever you need them. Our members enjoy access to cutting-edge facilities, impeccably maintained rooms, and attentive, concierge-level service with every visit.

Find out why TYX is becoming a popular choice for London artists.

Nurturing creativity & connection

A springboard for your music career

We’ve been involved with exciting recent productions from some of the UK’s biggest artists. As part of the Tileyard network, we offer collaboration opportunities for 250 companies and 160 recording studios. Our partnerships with Tileyard Education and AVA London provide workshops, writing camps, and mentorship programs, helping artists learn, connect, and grow. With recent upgrades to our monitoring systems, we provide high-quality facilities for recording, mixing, and mastering, reinforcing our commitment to delivering top-notch services to the creative community.

Whether you’re a music producer who wants to fine-tune individual tracks, a documentarian who needs mastering services for voiceovers, or seeking to become the next David Guetta, Sam Smith or Arctic Monkeys, TYX studios in London is here to help.

We’ll do everything in our power to level up your music, and bring the stars closer to your reach!

A recording studio is a specialised facility equipped with audio recording and mixing equipment used for capturing, editing, and producing music, spoken word, or any other audio content. It's a controlled environment designed to optimise sound quality, minimise outside noise interference, and provide a space where artists, musicians, producers, and engineers can work together to create professional recordings.

A typical recording studio (like one at TYX) features soundproofed rooms, high-quality microphones, mixing consoles, digital audio workstations (DAWs), and various instruments and amplifiers to accommodate different recording needs and musical styles.
Setting up a home studio typically comes with an estimated price of £1,000, though the exact cost varies based on personal requirements and desired sound quality. For those in need of a more advanced recording setup at a professional level, budgets can range from £120,000 to as much as £800,000 for high-quality audio results.
You will only be allowed into the room for the duration of time you have booked, so please allow for any set up and break down you may have.
We have a roster of engineers, videographers and lighting assistants you can add on to your booking starting from £25 +VAT per hour.

If you'd like to bring your own engineer to a TYX recording studio you're welcome too. Our production studios are set up for plug and play so if you are used to recording your own vocals and running your own sessions, you will find our set up easy to acclimate to.

Our studio prices start at £36 per hour, members receive a 30% discount on all studios.
We are open 24/7 to members, 9am-9pm for non members. If you need to book irregular hours please contact us directly by phone or through our web form.
Some of our London recording studios do indeed function as mixing studios. it depends on your level of mixing needs. The Red Studio provides comprehensive production capabilities, including advanced monitoring systems, making it suitable as a mixing studio. The Dolby Atmos Studio is designed for immersive audio production and can also accommodate multi-channel mixing tasks, offering a functional mixing studio environment. Production Studios offer varied configurations, with some specifically equipped for mixing studio tasks through advanced monitoring systems. For specific details to meet your mixing needs, contact us directly.
Yes, like most recording studios, we allow you to bring your own equipment if you prefer. However, it is important to inform the studio in advance about the specific equipment you plan to bring to ensure compatibility with our setup and to avoid any technical issues during recording.
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