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Discover our premier London photography studio

Time to level up your shoots at a TYX London photo studio! Equipped with high-resolution cameras, natural light, and an infinity cove, it's perfect for all kinds of shoots—fashion photography, portrait sessions, product shoots, and more.

Whether you're a professional photographer or need a great space for your creative project, our top photo studios will bring your creative visions to life!


To Infinity....

Our photo studios in London come with a professional, 4x5m infinity cove. A staple in professional photography, this is an all-white space with no corners. It creates the impression that the background of an object extends to infinity. There's also a 7m run to our backdrop holder so you can take advantage of lens compression.

More than meets the eye

Not just photography spaces

Most photo studios don't go beyond space and equipment hire. Our London photography studios go further, acting as a thriving hub for creative minds. TYX is home to a vibrant community where professionals can collaborate and share ideas. Our comfortable lounges and modern café are perfect for networking or relaxing between shoots.

it's an ideal environment for adding to your mood board, streamlining a film project, or brainstorming an intimate photo session.

World Class Specs

Top-of-the-line equipment

Our London studio is designed to meet the dynamic needs of every shoot. We'll give you full access to 4 Profit D2 1000 flash heads and all the modifiers you can shake a camera at. We also have an annex for Make Up and staging so you can easily prepare models and actors, ensuring everyone looks their best before stepping in front of the camera.

4 Profoto D2 1000 Flash heads 4x5m Cove and 7m runway to colorama holder Full suite of Profoto Modifiers Video lights available for hire on request Cameras available for hire on request
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Central in London's Music Scene

An ultimate photography experience in the heart of London

Based in the heart of Tileyard London, the world’s largest community of independent artists, our studio guests and members also benefit from access to our host services and amenities. With top-of-the-line equipment and soundproofing, your photo shoots will be free from any background noise or distractions.

Nothing but excellent experiences

Private, independent, photography studios for focused creativity

Our photo studio facilities aren’t only world-class, they’re custom-made. Since day one we’ve designed studios in collaboration with our residents to ensure they’ve got everything they need, when they need it. Not only do we have the very best equipment in town, but we have unrivalled amenities. these include The Vinyl Cafe & Bar; Campfire Bar & Fire Kitchen; The Gallery Event Space; Conference Room; Free Private Car Service.

High speed wifi Events space Friendly environment Free coffee High spec equipment
Our most asked questions
Yes, we encourage you to visit our studio spaces to see if they fit your shooting style. Please contact us to schedule a visit and see the facilities firsthand.
Our studio offers high-resolution cameras, natural lighting setups, backdrops, and other professional photography equipment. You're also welcome to bring your own equipment to ensure you get the photograph you want.
Yes, like most podcast recording studios, we allow you to bring your own equipment if you prefer. However, it is important to inform the studio in advance about the specific equipment you plan to bring to ensure compatibility with our setup and to avoid any technical issues during recording.
Put simply, a studio photoshoot refers to capturing images in a controlled environment. Our East London photography studios are fully equipped to make this possible: access to professional lighting, various backdrops, and even props and wardrobe.
Our photo studios cater to a variety of photography needs, including fashion shoots, product photography, portrait photography, and more. Whatever photo shoot you have in mind, our facilities are equipped to support diverse creative projects.
Yes, TYX Studios provides a selection of professional photography equipment for rent. Please contact us for a detailed list of available gear and rental terms.
Yes, we provide dedicated areas for makeup and wardrobe to help you prepare the style of your photo sessions.
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