What’s the best microphone for singing? An ultimate guide

So, you’ve got the talent, you’ve done the work, and you’re ready to lay down some lyrics. But what microphone should you use? In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know to pick the perfect mic for your vocals.

So how do you choose?

Table of contents

How does a microphone work?

What’s unique about recording the human voice?

Understanding polar patterns

1. Cardioid

Cardiod polar pattern

2. Supercardioid

Super cardiod

3. Hypercardioid

Hypercardiod polar pattern

4. Omnidirectional

Omnidirectional polar pattern

5. Figure-8 (Bidirectional)


6. Subcardioid

subcardiod polar pattern

7. Shotgun (Highly Directional)

Lobar polar pattern


Dynamic or condenser? That depends…

Dynamic Microphones—The go-to for live performances

Condenser Microphones—Capturing studio precision

Check out our guide for a detailed breakdown of the differences between condenser and dynamic mics.

Factors to consider when choosing a vocal microphone

Audio transparency

Frequency response

Handling noise

Illustration of decimals


Sensitivity to plosives and wind noise

Feedback rejection

The best vocal microphones for live performances

Rode M1

Electro-Voice ND86 ($150-$200)

Electro-Voice ND86 microphone
Neumann KMS 105 microphone

What’s the best vocal mic for studio recording?

Neumann TLM 103 microphone

How to choose the mic that suits your voice

For bright or sibilant voices

For deep or warm voices

For versatile recording needs

Additional considerations and accessories


Shock mounts

Pop filters

Pop filter

High-quality audio interface

Audio Mixer

Phantom power

Cardioid polar pattern

Cardiod polar pattern

This focused pickup pattern makes cardioid microphones ideal for capturing vocals or solo instruments in noisy environments, as they excel at highlighting the intended sound while rejecting distractions. Whether in a studio or live setting, the cardioid polar pattern helps ensure that your vocal recordings maintain clarity and professionalism by keeping the spotlight on the main source of recordings

Switchable polar patterns

Good luck on your musical journey!

Music Studio
We typically recommend condenser microphones for studio recordings due to their superior sensitivity and ability to capture a wide range of frequencies. They're ideal for the detailed sound production required in a studio setting.
The equipment provided in Podcast studios varies greatly. However, at TYX Studios we believe in providing the very best equipment for our customers and so in all our studios you will find professional-grade microphones, headphones, audio interfaces, mixers, and monitors. We also provide access to recording software, soundproofing materials, and other accessories required for recording and editing podcasts.
In London, you can find a variety of recording studios, including small programming rooms for solo artists and larger spaces for full band rehearsals or bigger production needs. Consider your specific requirements when choosing a studio.
Absolutely, a pop filter is crucial for any recording setup. It serves to minimise plosives – those harsh "p" and "b" sounds that can create unwanted spikes in your audio. By filtering these out, you ensure your vocal tracks are clear and professional. This simple tool is vital for maintaining the integrity of your recordings.
When selecting a microphone for live performances, prioritise features that enhance sound quality and durability. Look for a mic with excellent feedback rejection to minimise unwanted noise and ensure it offers a cardioid pickup pattern to capture sound directly in front of the microphone while reducing background noise.

Durability is key, as live performance mics often endure rough handling, so a rugged construction is a must. Additionally, consider a microphone with a built-in wind and pop noise filter for clearer sound, and ensure it has a comfortable grip. Compatibility with your sound system is also essential for seamless integration. These features collectively ensure your live performances sound professional and engaging.