21/03/2024Department for Business and Trade visits TYX Studios

Last week, TYX Studios was excited to host the Department for Business and Trade alongside Tileyard Education and Tileyard London, a vibrant hub for the creative industries, sharing our tips for growth and success for the creative community.

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In London, a variety of music studios provide comprehensive rental packages that encompass equipment and various additional services. This allows musicians to have easy access to all their needs under one roof at these establishments.
For new artists, EPs are generally recommended as they allow for an introduction to the market without the extensive commitment an album demands. They provide a platform to showcase your strongest work and gauge listener interest​​​.
The rental duration for a podcast recording studio typically depends on the studio’s availability and your specific needs. TYX studios offer hourly rates, as well as daily or weekly packages. It is advisable to discuss your requirements with the studio in advance to determine the most suitable booking option for your podcasting project.
You will only be allowed into the room for the duration of time you have booked, so please allow for any set up and break down you may have.
The cost of using a recording studio in the UK can range, but typically falls between £30 and £100 per hour. This covers the expenses for utilizing the facilities and equipment to record music or audio material at professional standards within a designated time frame.