TYX Studios partners with AVA London

22nd February 2024. London, UK: TYX Studios is thrilled to announce its partnership with AVA London for its London 2024 event, which takes place on 29th Feb – 2nd March, 2024

We typically recommend condenser microphones for studio recordings due to their superior sensitivity and ability to capture a wide range of frequencies. They're ideal for the detailed sound production required in a studio setting.
The cost of using a podcast recording studio can vary depending on various factors such as the location, facilities provided, and the duration of usage. On average, the cost can range from £60 to £200 per hour. At TYX Studios our prices start from £80 per hour with all of our top of the range equipment included.
In London, a variety of music studios provide comprehensive rental packages that encompass equipment and various additional services. This allows musicians to have easy access to all their needs under one roof at these establishments.
The cost of using a recording studio in the UK can range, but typically falls between £30 and £100 per hour. This covers the expenses for utilizing the facilities and equipment to record music or audio material at professional standards within a designated time frame.
Setting up a home studio typically comes with an estimated price of £1,000, though the exact cost varies based on personal requirements and desired sound quality. For those in need of a more advanced recording setup at a professional level, budgets can range from £120,000 to as much as £800,000 for high-quality audio results.